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We are looking for an experience web designer who will be responsible for the design of WorkVenture website to create and maintain smooth and easy user navigation experience and to analyse users interaction and conversion.


– Main design of UX of our website (involves architecture, and naturally interface)
– Designing all features from functional point of view, to achieve maximum clarity, attractiveness, benefit to the user and to the website, aimed at maximizing signups, application, reviews.
– Changing/adjusting current website pages and navigation to achieve above results.
– Preparing graphical mockups for developers to follow.
– Assisting developers during production process.
– Aside from the work of functional tester, all implemented designs/functions have to be checked on all devices, and corrections requests delivered to developers.
– Work includes browsing other websites around the world in search for the best UX solutions that could be applied to WorkVenture website and forming proposals to CIO.
– The position also includes finding how the current users perceive particular website features/functions/designs and measuring users’ website behaviour to evaluate how website functions are utilized by the users.
– Design also involves emails.
– Important to say: it’s not about design/look only. It’s primarily about navigation, the user total experience, his/her understanding of website features, where to go, what to do, application process, algorithm, reviews and later salaries.


– The position is very prestigious, as the person will have biggest impact on the WorkVenture look & feel, thus will fit the people who are eager to deeply identify themselves with their work.
– Perfect person must fit into current IT team, and have potential to stay for long time.
– Generally with all positions in IT we can’t afford people coming and going, so it’s important that a person not pursues only money (not a job hopper), but rather self development and satisfaction in this area.
– Can be also young person, 3-4 years of experience, with high drive to learn more and succeed.
– Education abroad is welcome.
– The person also needs and be willing to communicate plentiful with all IT team, especially front end developers.(on the side, when u do searching, we will later need another person who will develop/design native apps for android/iphone)

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